I Shouldn't Need a Coal Miner's Hat and a Hazmat Suit in a Clothing Store

Holiday requests have prompted me to revisit Abercrombie and Fitch..a place I swore I'd never go in again after knocking over the stansions by the register with my double stroller 3 short years ago when my boys were babies.

((On that particular day I had to do a return, and there was no other size for me to exchange so I bought a t-shirt of lesser value by a few dollars - at the register the exchange rang up $-4.99; the associate or model as they are called...said 'ok you owe me $4.99.  I was stunned, and almost questioned myself for a minute - but stood strong and said, "actually that - sign means there is a credit due so you actually owe ME $4.99...she said, "no, i'm pretty sure that means you owe ME $4.99 - would you like me to get my manager?"  Ok - so at this point, i have two kids under 2 years old being blasted out by music and stink and now she is pushing me to my limit. 

She stared at me, and knew I wasn't joking...with great hesitation she opened her drawer and gave me my change of $4.99 and sent me on my way....)) 

As I went in search of a hoodie for my middleschooler, my senses were attacked full on the second I walked in.  As if the white skin of the 12 foot naked boy model wasn't enough to blind me, the club-like volume of the techno music made my organs vibrate from within.  I looked over at the 75 pound associate and I saw her lips move as if she was saying something but couldn't hear her.  I just smiled and went on my way.  I couldn't see the sizing because it was so dark in there.  I struggled to find the right size, and did a double take at the price.  I just wanted to get the hell out of there as the smell of the cologne was making my nose run.  I headed to the registers and none of the idiots who 'work' there were anywhere in sight.  Since I have all the time in the world, I just stood there like a good soldier, paralyzed by the sights and sounds, and don't forget smells of this wretched store.  Finally! An associate says, I can help who is next.  I look around just making sure I am the only one in line - and I am. 

 I move forward to pay and she says, "did you find everything ok?"  I'm like "I'M SORRY,WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOUUU.." 

Now apparently she is annoyed at the fact that I am sarcastically complaining about the loudness of the music and decides not to further engage in conversation.  After taking at least 10 minutes to remove the security tab, she sends me on my way - no thank you no nothing.  I feel bad for her. I can't help it.  She is being destroyed by the horrific conditions she has to work in.  I recently came across a site that lists the pros and cons of working there and found this line from a poster humorous:

Horrible work environment! Loud music and the smell of cologne all shift long. Dark environment. Everything had to be perfect. Its very repetitive. This company is very shallow and really does discriminate against people. I am surprised they aren't sued everyday. Don't work here if you have half a brain.

I find myself missing the days of Merry Go Round and Chess King where I was happily greeted by colorful kids wearing MC Hammer pants and so happy to help you find what you needed - but only if you asked one every bothered you back in the day. Now you get "can I help you find something?" and I oblige and say blah blah this is what i am looking for.. and they quickly answer with.."yeahhh everything we have is out..."  Customer Service is Dead.


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