Let's start with the holidays shall we?

How very ironic that I will start writing my blog during the busiest time of the year for moms.  I am thinking, to be honest ( and I will be honest and true no matter how many of my readers I offend..sidenote my hubby quoted this morning, and he tends to throw out stats a lot being an engineer..that most columnists offend 51% of their readers..), that the real reason I am writing this, is to pretend I have something better to do than to tackle the mound of presents that need wrapped.  Being the underachiever mom that I am (and I use this in a sarcastic way because really, I am an overachiever gone-wrong...meaning, I attempt to go above and beyond for all things in my life, but fail miserably most of the time).  For example, I signed up to bring cut-out cookies for my kids' preschool Christmas (oops! can't say Christmas anymore..HOLIDAY or green/red parties..or Winter Solstice Celebrations - whatever the heck they are supposed to be called these days.. parties (they are 3 and 4 years old, and my oldest is 11..thank goodness he doesn't have any more of these to worry about.)...whoa, I digress...which I do often...back to the cookies.  So I think, I will make these beautiful cookies and personalize them and won't all of the other mom's envy me for my creativity and overall awesomeness.  Well, I am pretty sure I f-d up most of the kids names...Caden instead of Cayden..Dominic instead of Dominick, you get my point....  Can you imagine how pissed the moms will be bc I spelled their kids names wrong?  The second part I screwed up was the writing on the actual cookie with a squeeze bottle.  It looks like one of the preschoolers wrote their names on it. So, that is a prime example of me aiming high - as if to jump the high jump and then jump 6 inches off the ground and fall onto the mat exhausted. I should have just signed up for the paper plates.  Sigh.

Christmas Decorations: (like how I changed the color? don't get used to it, it took too long to do..)
First of all, I still have my Thanksgiving/Autumn/Halloween style wreath hanging on my porch.  My Christmas wreath is buried at the back of my garage.  It would take 6 minutes total to switch them, but since I am now a blogger, I just can't spare that kind of time in my day.  I plan to get this done on the 24th of December and probably won't take it down until probably the day before Easter.  Hanging on our ceiling  beam is a countdown chain the kids made at school.  It still has exactly 14 links..the exact amount they came home with.  I just haven't found the time to gather them together to experience the removing of one link per was just too big of a goal to accomplish this time of year. The kids don't seem to mind.
Christmas Cards (wow, I am becoming more motivated to do more just writing this one blog..)
This year, I made a promise to myself to plan ahead.  I designed our family card in early November and ordered them.  Somehow, unbeknownst to me of course, I ordered the square size.  Once I added up the cost of the cards, shipping, and the 66cents it cost to mail each card ($1 for all of our Canadian family), I realize that I could've sent everyone a box of chocolates and saved money.  Note to the wise (or just ignorant) - do not order square cards unless you have a ridiculous amount of money to piss away. 
Holiday Stupidity (a general rant)
There is a local business in town that likes to use his sign on the road to make public rants ( I should not squawk at this because I would probably do the same if I were him..).  After 12 months of enduring his stupid messages about how miserable he is - oh and many christian like posts and bible quotes, I could plow my SUV into his sign after his latest.  'MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALMOST EVERYONE..'  What the hell does that even mean?  merry christmas to my fellow right wing nut jobs and everyone else can f- off? Merry Christmas to everyone who shares my stupidity?  I don't even know who he is talking to.  How can you preach Christianity all year long and then finish off the year with that message?  I don't know.  I like to think that God has a special place for all of those idiots that talk out of both sides of their mouths.
That's all for now.  Happy Holidays to almost all of you!

There are several other headings under Christmas that I would like to tackle - but for now, I feel tired and overexerted.  Stay tuned for when I conjure up enough energy to write part 2 of Christmas rantings and what nots.

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  1. I am an admitted underachiever too! I didn't even know those paper links were a countdown to anything! We just hung them in Mikes room. Whoops!


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