Can't we just slow down a little?

Et Tu, Yahoo?

I am exhausted.

 These days, anyone who has kids, works, or lives feels the same way, I know.  My kids are high maintenance because I've spoiled them rotten.  When they ask for something, I get it immediately. Milk, right away.  Juice, of course here you go.  Snack. YES! Apple slices - sure thing. Mom where's this, mom where is that?  Get my drift?

 I have three boys - it's non -stop.  When they aren't asking for something, Hubs is asking me where something is that is either directly in front of him, or exactly where it should be.  It's just easier to ask me.  When they aren't doing any of that, they are asking each other where I am. I don't know why - all I ever hear is 'where's mom?'  Once they realize I'm in the room with them and they didn't notice, or God-forbid in the bathroom or what have you, they don't care, they just have to keep asking where I am. It's like a nervous tic.

I'm always in a rush - gotta make lunches, gotta go to school, gotta fold the laundry, gotta make dinner.  I'm in hyper speed to get it all done.  So when I sit down at my computer, I'd like to just slow  down a little but even that is impossible. 

Back in the day when dial- up was the only option, I remember slowly typing something in to Yahoo and waiting for the response.  I could go change the laundry and come back and the results were just being displayed.  Now, with fast-as-lightening Internet service, not only is it an instant search result (usually even being a showoff and displaying the search result time at the what an ego you have, Yahoo!), but now Yahoo is trying to finish my damn sentence for me!

Today, for example, my son asked me a question on his homework. Since I have no recollection of the Revolutionary War (those braincells spontaneously combusted during one of three childbirths), I had to resort to looking it up on Yahoo.  Here's what happened.

I typed R-e-v and all of a sudden I was blindsided by information and got sidetracked from my choices:

reverse phone lookup
reverse phone number
reverse white pages...

STOP!!!! Dammit yahoo you're acting like one of my kids interrupting me before I get to finish!  I continue to type..
there he goes again
youth in revolt
dance dance revolution...

Would you let me FINISH!

Now I forget what the hell I am looking up.  I ask my son, 'what did you want me to look up again'?  OK yes, revolutionary war.  Got it.

revoludutionary war.

I spelled it wrong.

So Yahoo decides to be a smart ass and say..."Did you mean revolutionary war? We included revolutionary war"  Show only 'revodutionary war'.   Now come on!  Yahoo is totally f-n with me.

Yahoo knows everything - was there ever a Revodutionary War? No.  So why are you being a jerk and trying to patronize me when you know I spelled it wrong.  Can't you just give me what you and I BOTH know I'm looking for and be done!?

Why can't we just slow it down a little?  Soon Yahoo will be a chip planted in my ear, knowing my thoughts and answering my questions before I even know them.

Well, that's today's complaint that needed addressed. 

Until next time,

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