Contest for Funny Mom Bloggers...

If you are looking to do something easy that counts as Philanthropic in the karma world, vote for my idiotic blog at the below link.

I'd do a giveway to make it more exciting, but the rules say I can't bribe anybody to vote.  Dammit anyway.

Wanna do something nice for somebody?  Vote for my blog and if I win, I'll share my candy with you.

I don't wanna be a loser anymore!

Love and Hugs,


  1. Will do!! I don't wanna be a loser anymore either!

  2. Done!!!! Can I vote more than once?

  3. Once every 24 hours (as if we have nothing else to remember on a daily basis..) and you can vote for more than me - there are amazing bloggers out there - People I want to punch in the throat, Bearded Iris, Overworked Supermom, Counting Cabelleros, Frugalista Blog, Coffee Addicted Mommy, Marvelous Mo and Me...and so many more...I am in the company of amazing and funny women! xo


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