Damn, I'm doing a good job at raising boys...

It's been a long effing week.  Hubs returns from out of town tonight thank the Lord.  It has been crazy trying to do this single parenting thing, as well as subbing at the pre-school, maintaining the house, getting the kids to swimming and lacrosse and trying to maintain good hygiene for myself and all involved.  I have learned something though.  I have some pretty amazing young men up in this house.

First of all, I really hate to toot my own horn but....beep beep.  These boys are like a fortress around me and my castle.  It all started on Friday.  I was subbing for Youngest's 3 year old class at Pre School.  One of the other, more outspoken boys, looked me right in the eye and said, "you are stupid crazy."  (Back up for just a second.  I can't blame the kid.  I think what he was trying  to articulate was that I'd do anything for a laugh - and he's right.  Unfortunately, he didn't convey his point well, and Youngest just about climbed over the art easel to school him.)


The poor kid was like a shrinking violet. 

"I didn't call your mom crazy stupid, Patrick did.  From Sponge Bob.  I heard him say it."

"Patrick's not even here and you're a do do head,"  replied Youngest.

I had to stop both of them there before we said anything else that we didn't mean.  I had a lovely chat with both boys and ended up getting hugs and kisses and all was well in the world.  I couldn't help but be tickled that Youngest was so quick to jump to my defense.  Even at three years old, he is ready to protect his Mommy.

A few days ago, Middler said to me, "Mommy, I don't want you to be scared because Daddy isn't here.  I will hold your hand going up the stairs, and I'll stay with you while you brush your teeth."  I could see the wheels were turning in his little head and he was really just trying to reassure himself that everything would be ok.  He got my worrying gene so he over thinks everything.  I let him think that he was the one taking care of me, and it was so cute.  He really did feel like he did something brave.  He was so proud of himself, and I was so proud of him, too.

Today when Eldest came home from school he said, "Mom, you must be exhausted so why don't you relax for a while and I'll play with the kids until I have to go to practice."   I was looking behind me to see if he was actually talking to me or what.  I was so confused.  Wow.  You never see the progress you're making until you least expect it!  What great little men I have. 

Don't get me wrong.  In the past 4 days, I've played countless lightsaber fights, I've put numerous Ninjago guys together, I've looked tirelessly for Lego pieces that I am certain I sucked up with the Dyson, and I've played several painful games of Hide and Seek, and "You're Under Arrest" (a new game they came up with where I am constantly being arrested for things like wiping the countertop, picking up Legos, vacuuming, and cleaning the cat litter).  I kind of liked being Under Arrest because they would take me to my comfy chair and make me sit with my legs up, in a relaxed position.  They didn't know what to do with me once I was in the Jail Chair - so I would just sit there and rest for a while until they remembered they needed to release their prisoner.

"Mom, do you want to Under Arrest me?  All you have to do is say stop - you are under arrest for picking your nose." 

"Why yes, honey, that sounds like so much fun...but you aren't really going to pick your nose are you?"

"NOOO Mom, it's just part of the game."

It's easy to roll through weeks on Auto mode - but I have to remember to stop and build the Legos, find them when they hide, laugh when they tell a horrendous knock knock joke, and hug them extra hard just because.

The world needs three good men.  I've got to deliver.

Until next time, there's a cold one waiting for me in the's a Dark Chocolate bar with Toffee ground in...and damn it ..I'm worth it.


POST NOTE:  When I wrote this piece yesterday, I was high on the thought that Hubs was coming home.  The same high that caused me to look at the bright side of all of this single parenting for how many days.  The same artificial adrenaline rush that blinds one into thinking you did something spectacular.  The same adrenaline rush that completely caused me to crash, and nearly fall off the couch when Hubs called to say his plane was delayed because of tornadoes and he missed his connecting flight.  The same stabbing in the gut feeling of reeling from the words..."I won't be home until tomorrow afternoon.."

No friends.  My "I'm raising some great boys" disposition was so yesterday's blog.  This morning's blog would be more like, "Why can't my children sleep past 6 am"  or "If my 4 year old asks me one more GD question about clouds or why something is  - that I DO NOT have the answer to because I was too busy writing notes in Science class instead of paying attention to why Cirrus clouds are and are not," I am going to stick marshmallows in my ears, and hope it drowns out the sounds of his voice until I at least have some damn coffee. 

I am strong, I am capable, I am beautiful...errr that's pushing it.  I'm going to drop kick this day.  Yes, that's better.

Ahh the beauty of parenting.  Much like the beauty of (weather) living in New Hampshire.  If you don't like it one day, stick around, because it'll change again in a few hours.

Stick a lightsaber in me...I'm done.

I have to sympathize with these little guys because they have got to be tired of looking at me, too.  I mean, they at least have their cuteness going for matter how exhausted I am, I never get tired of looking at their little faces.  Me, on  the other hand, I don't have the cute looks going for me - but I do make some damn good cookies.  That's gotta count for something. 



  1. Oh darling you SOOO had your work cut out for you this week. I literally feel the tension you must have weighing on your shoulders right now. You're doing so many wonderful things for your family and for your sweet boys...and hearing how they came to your defense and wanted to take care of you just proves that. It makes my heart smile. There is something very special about raising boys. Keep doing what you're doing, momma. xoxo

  2. LOL...Great post. :) My boys are currently arresting me for everything, as well. They think it's hysterical. Unless, of course, I go to arrest them for something like not cleaning their rooms. Then I get, "Hey! That's not illegal!" Oh, and making you a good breakfast is??? :) Love my boys.

  3. This will be me in June when Farmer Bob is busy, uh...Farming. I love my boys. They are fun, and goofy, and sweet. Not that my girls aren't, they just add in the drama and the screaming. You are such a trooper and by the looks of it, an incredible momma!! Way to go!!

  4. Sounds like you are raising some wonderful boys! Hang in there until hubby gets home!

  5. You sound like you are doing wonderful! Everyone has those off days.

  6. Awwww,hang in there Momma! You're doing great! Just remember that you're not REALLY a single mom of 3 boys, hubby WILL be home & this too shall pass!
    Have a marvelous day!

  7. There is nothing worse then the phone call the day my husband is supposed to be home telling me that the flight has been delayed. I completely understand what you are saying about the high and then the crash! I don't know how single parents do it 24/7.

  8. Yes, we have a finite amount of energy and tolerance, and I hate when the forces that be think they can just request that is be prolonged! :)

  9. Nice post. You might like this post about being worth it.

  10. Love it! I think the horn tooting is totally in order - your boys are lucky little guys!


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