How to Throw Yourself a Kick Ass Pity Party..

Something smells rotten in Denmark.  Or the US, rather...or just in my general nasal airspace.  It's funk.  Mine.  I've been in an all out funk for about a week now.  Hard to say what caused it.  Actually, it's not hard to say - Hubs is out of town, I am trying to be Supermom, my parents live out of town, my babysitter is away at school, I'm a one woman show in popular demand by three tiny men, and I'm exhausted.  There - I said it.  I'm having a shitty week because I'm tired and have my hands full, sprinkle a little hormonal PMS on that pathetic sundae and I'm a little nuts.    Also, I think it's the weather going from 84 degrees to 24 degrees.  That's got to do a number on your brain pressure don't you think?  Between those few things and just the general blahs that late March and early April tend to bring, it's just been one of those weeks.  Generally, I'm a very upbeat, positive, happy person so it's very hard to not want to kick my own ass when I get into a mood like this.  Thank God it only happens to me a few times a year, usually in the winter, but I just never know when it's going to drop by to rain on my life parade.  Today I sat down and had a come to Jesus with myself.  I thought since it was Sunday, it would be a good day to do this.  I decided to throw myself a Pity Party today with the promise and the understanding that tomorrow, I'd start fresh.

When I do get in these moods, I don't necessarily need or appreciate someone telling me to SNAP OUT OF IT..unless it is Cher herself saying it and giving me the famous Moonstruck slap, then I wouldn't mind so much.  So I decided if I was going to insist on controlling my mood, I'd be the one to decide when and how I snap out of it.'s the plan:

Music:  Crank up music - "Just one of them days (don't take it personal)"  Monica - - try..just try to not move your butt to this funky groove.  By the end of the song, I always feel better.

Pajamas:  Stay in pjs way longer than socially acceptable.  This Civil Fashion Disobedience makes me feel like a bit of a rebel, until I'm so sick of looking and feeling like a slob that I am begging myself to change into real clothes by 2pm.

Food:  Chocolate.  Lots of it.  Dance in front of pantry while gnawing on Mounds bar and determining what I will follow it up with.  Eat and dance.  Repeat.

Kids:  Tell them it's movie and popcorn day.  Put a happy movie on for them and they won't even notice I'm having a pity party.

Shopping:  Hit favorite website for something bright, cheery and spectacular.  Order it.  If it sets me back $100, so be it.  I would pay more than that on a therapy session with a shrink so she can go buy something spectacular for her wardrobe.  I just cut out the middle man that's all.

Random Act of Kindness:  Acknowledge that there are people far worse off than me and do something for them.  Empty out drawer or closet of things I haven't worn in too long.  Donate bag to women's shelter or food pantry/help closet.  Lightning drawers/closets helps lighten the mood - and could really help someone else in need.

Hot Shower:  Wash off the funk both physically and emotionally by letting it all go down the drain.  Stay in there until the hot water runs out or the disposition becomes better.  Whatever happens first.  Slather happy lotion on pathetically pale skin and breathe in mood enhancer.

A Little Extra Effort :  Give an extra 10 minutes to appearance - dry and style hair - put make up on like I'm going to have dinner with Bradley Cooper or George Clooney (sorry Hubs - you're out of town so I can't use you in this instance..).  Look better, feel better.  Talk to self in mirror - act stupid, laugh. 

Make a Plan:  Write down things that will help ease anxiety.  Balance checkbook, set up small exercise goals, write a letter to self.  If you can't be a friend to yourself, how can you expect to be a friend to anyone else?  Dear Self:  We're ok.  We've got this.   Positive affirmations - they help.

Use a Lifeline, Phone a Friend:  Call someone - someone who knows you, loves you, gets you.  Talk it out, sometimes just putting thoughts into words helps to organize them enough to make them not so bad.

Know that You Are NOT Alone:   We all have days like this.  The only thing that sets us apart is how we choose to pull through them.  Give yourself some time to feel shitty - but put a time limit on it.

If all else fails - recite the ABC's of pulling yourself out of a funk...found these on a self-help site. 

Always Smile.
Believe in Miracles.
Cuddle Your Inner Child.
Do a Good Deed. 
Express Gratitude.
Grow Spiritually.
Inspire yourself.
Jump for Joy.
Keep Strong.
Love Yourself. 
Multiply Abundance.
Open Your Heart. 
Pamper Your Body. 
Quiet Your Mind. 
Respect Boundaries.
Stop and Smell the Roses.
Touch Others By Reaching Out to Someone.
Voice Your Needs. 
Widen Your Horizons.
eXude Goodness.
Yearn for Love.
Zigzag Through Life with Zest.
Look out world..


  1. Oh honey-pie...that is a recipe for disasterous moodiness. I would be feeling the same way. You so have a spectacular attitude though and never let life get you down for very long at all. Even when you're feelin' dumpy, you still make this girl smile! :-) You always know how to put things in ya, darlin'! xoxo

  2. Love this. Just what I needed to get out of my funk. Thanks for all your help! Love getting something cheery for you and cutting out the middleman. I will have to remember that...and of course give you props. :)

  3. Wow. You've been reading my emails, I think, or else you wouldn't have known how well-timed this is for me. Thank you, Domestic Goddess!

  4. yup yup yup. the bad times go hand in hand with the good time. Otherwise, we are not human. love you!

  5. Wow, this is one fine post. I honestly thought I was reading about myself and the down feeling I've been having the past few weeks. It's awful, I hate it, and I know there's people out there that have it way more horrible than I do, but still, I'm feeling blue.

    I'm not Ok, but I will be, and that is Ok too.

    *hug* (and a piece of chocolate to go with it).

  6. Must bookmark for the next time it hits here!

  7. I eat Taco Bell, more than once a day.
    Love you!


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