Laundry Baskets and Landspeeders..

Happy, Happy Mother's Day to you...

I treasure 2012 as the year I realized it's really ok to be flawed.  I have fellow bloggers and responses to my posts to thank for that.  We're all in this together you know. 

In honor of today, I thought I would recall one of my scariest mommy moments...

I was working full-time and still only had one child.  Eldest was in 1st grade and obsessed with Star Wars.  As I was putting the finishing touches on my suit in the morning, I told him I'd meet him downstairs to leave for school.  Not 3 minutes later, he came running in my room - bloodier than imaginable - and screaming.  I dropped my earrings on the bed and ran over to him.  WHAT HAPPENED!!??   All he could get out was that he fell down the stairs.  I didn't bother to do anything more, say anything more.  I grabbed a towel and put it on his face, threw on some shoes, fumbled as I got him in his carseat, trying to swallow the lump in my throat and started toward the ER.  I dialed my boss on my cell phone - saying he fell down the stairs...I won't be in.  I barely remember the drive to the ER - just the blood.  So much blood.  I had no idea what was broken or hurt - I just panicked. 

I got to the ER with Eldest in my arms, never once noticing the new patterns on my Tahari blazer.  I just went straight in to their Triage room and luckily, there was no one waiting before us.  The ER nurse came out quickly and tried hard not to hide her shock as she saw us. 

"He fell down the stairs."  I say, quickly - thinking the faster I give her the information, the faster he'll be treated.

"Yeahhhh, I'm going to need to hear it from him, Mom.  I'm going to have to ask him the questions."

I stepped back for a moment - stunned.  Doing a little shake of my head like "huh?"  And then it hits me - oh my God she thinks I'm a child abuser!   I stifle my anger - for now - just to let her do her job, remembering, not everyone parents like I do.

"Now then, tell me what happened."

This is his account as accurate as I can remember - and yes, it is wordy, and yes this is Eldest for you...

"Well, my mom said to meet her downstairs, and so I thought it would be cool to turn the laundry basket into a Landspeeder and glide down the stairs instead.  So I got the small green laundry basket and I got in and I asked myself should I do this? And I nodded and said yes I should.  So I scooted off the top step and held on to the sides.  Only it didn't work out the way I thought it would...and I flipped over a few times until I got to the bottom. "

According to Hubs, its every boy's dream to try laundry basket landspeeder at one point or another.

I was at a loss for words.  My jaw on the ground.  She was trying very hard, unsuccessfully, to stifle a smile.

"OK, then we'll go ahead and have the Doctor take a look..."

I guess I was not a candidate for child abuse.  The story was so off the wall, she passed on the suspicious activity report.

Turns out, Eldest nearly broke his nose, but didn't thank God.  He lost a tooth, and had some major bruising to his face and his little jedi-in-training ego, but he had a story to tell to his classmates about how not to use a laundry basket as a Landspeeder.

Hubs was out of town all day, but when he arrived home, and we explained what happened, the first thing he said was...

"Buddy, next time, use the bigger laundry basket, and then you have to distribute your weight differently so you don't flip over...." 

WHAT!?  Noooooo no no no no - we don't ever ever go down the stairs in a laundry basket!

Little did I know that the ER nurses and I would be on a first name basis for many many years.  More ER stories to come.  Until then...

Happy Mother's Day..
Love, Hugs, and Admiration,



  1. Love it! Reminds me of my eldest son. Many trips to the ER. Many times I felt like a suspect. Now that he is grown with children of his own we can laugh about his many great adventures and marvel that there were few broken bones. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! You make me giggle on the worst days! I love you for that! Thank you so much. Enjoy your day.

  3. OMG! At least my boy tried the padded exercise mat for this rite of passage...successfully insulated him until he crashed into the railing on the landing and then he rolled down the last three steps into the feet of his screaming mama! Things got uglier from there, believe me! But fortunately his choice of land speeders DID prevent a trip to the ER! LOL

  4. I got a phone call from the school when TB was in Kindergarten telling me he'd been "Playing in the bathroom & hurt his nose & now it's bleeding a little. Did I want to come take a look??". Turns out he's BROKEN his nose badly enough to require surgery because he'd tried to reach the bar that went across the top of the stall by JUMPING OFF THE SINK. When TWH asked him what he was thinking TB said "I just wanted to exercise!!". Turns out, some bigger kid had come in, grabbed the bar, & done a few chin-ups. TB thought that was super cool but was unable to jump high enough to grab the bar. He looked around for a solution and HEY!! the SINK looked like the right one!! Kid's 13 now and his nose is STILL crooked. Guess what he's getting for Graduation in a few years?? Rhinoplasty!! Yay!! The good news is, his problem solving skills have evolved past the surgical repair stage.

  5. Oh no! He did not use the force! Love this/his story.

    1. lol! He did not use the force. THAT was the problem.

  6. I broke 8 bones by the time I was in the 1st grade and had stitches 5 times. My Dad had so many white T shirts with blood stains on them. My poor parents were looked at askance because I was the clumsiest little girl on the planet. -just keep swimming

  7. My six year old is Star Wars obsessed too. Thank Goddess we have a spiral staircase and I never fold the clothes, so the basket Is always full. happy Mother's Day!


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