Fun with the Elf on the Shelf, Pop Culture Version..

Some of you have the Elf on the Shelf.  I don't get it.  I thought he was supposed to wait for me to pose him and do stuff with him starting in November some time after Thanksgiving as a way to keep my kids in line before December 25th. 

All I did was put the girl and the boy elf in the playroom near the dollhouse I keep there for when my three nieces come over (since all I have are Superheroes, Ninjago guys, and Star Wars to offer them).  I thought they'd just sit there and wait for Thanksgiving to come and go and then I'd get them out and start using them as Santa's informants.

I went upstairs to check on the boys, and I found some photos and other things that these naughty Elves left for me to see.  A scrapbook of pop-culture memes and pics, etc to let me know they are not going to just sit on a shelf and wait for something to happen. I was wondering why my ipad kept ending up in the playroom.  I kept blaming it on the boys when really, it was these naughty guys. Anyways, I thought I'd share my findings with you...

Carly Rae Elfsen??

That's so elfed up.

Harry Potter and Elf-Blood Prince?  What the Hell?

I had NO idea he knew Brad Pitt from the movie 'Inglourious Elfterds'...this elf gets around!

Watching the Real Housewives of Elverly Hills...

Elfward Loves Belfa Forelfer.  Elfclipse...awesome.

Ahhh, and a little elfshaming I see!  Shopping elftoriously on ebay...with my credit card no less.

More Elfshaming..tsk tsk.  Been reading while I'm at work, have you?

Then he got into making memes when I was at work...

Futurama Fry...

Lord of the Rings Meme..

Condescending Wonka of course..

The most interesting elf in the world..and yes, actually, he does always wear a Santa hat!

Finally, you know how I've been really hard on myself thinking I've been polishing off all of the m&m's in the bowl?  Elfie here was using it as a hot tub after hours with the dolls.

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Thanks for laughing with me!  Happy Elf Season! (Special thanks to,, and for giving me the tools to bring the elves to life!)  ~DG

He even weasled his way in to the Thanksgiving Family photo..

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