Super Bowl Party Penalities

                                Top 10 Super Bowl Party Penalties 

1.  Encroachment:  When a guest cuts in front of another guest at the snack table.
 2.  Holding:  When one guest verbally detains another by talking their ear off, causing confusion and delay in the food line.

 3.  Offsides:  When a guest loiters in front of a particular dish of food,   grazing from the serving dish instead getting his own plate, causing other guests to be temporarily snackblocked.  
 4.  Roughing the 'Cooker': When a guest distracts the hostess with questions or comments causing something in the kitchen to overcook and/or burn.

 5.  Face Mask:  When a guest doesn't mention to another guest that they have spinach from the dip stuck in their teeth.

 6.  False Start:  When a guest goes into the kitchen under the guise of helping the hostess get things ready  but really just wants a jump start on eating the snacks before they get placed on the food table.

 7.  Interference:  Talking/Laughing/Being Disruptive during commercials.  Also see:  Standing in front of the big screen asking who is winning every 10 minutes and inquiring how much longer until the halftime show.

 8.  Illegal Use of Hands - Grabbing food off of the serving trays without using appropriate serving tools provided. Also see: Groping guests while intoxicated. 

 9.  Illegal Motion/Procedure:  Dipping a chip or vegetable in various salsas, etc, taking a bite, and then repeating process with bitten off end.   Also see:  Double Dipping.

10. Personal Foul:  Blatantly passing gas and leaving the room, leaving the people around you to take the blame.


  1. This totally cracked me up. "Illegal Use of Hands to the Single Lady. Penalty is declined."
    "Pass interferance--when someone takes the drink/plate of food that was meant for someone else..." Great post DG, and enjoy the game.

  2. And this is why I shall stay home and sneak a handful of chips and cold nacho dip right out of the fridge (as to not alert anyone by the sound of the microwave).


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