Celebrating Together...

Did you ever think about the fact that you gave someone life?

Ever feel like a slacker? Lazy? Underachiever?
You gave someone life.


Obviously, it's so much more than just giving life - we all know that.  But let's just keep it simple for the sake of this post and observe, recognize and be awe-struck over what we've done.  In honor of Mother's Day - let's just look back on what we've accomplished and celebrate it as we should.  Let's put aside our differences for a minute - let's stop the war of the words and the worlds as far as being a mom goes.  I'm so tired from seeing women attack each other because others choose a different way.  You've heard the old saying, "there's more than one way to skin a cat," well there's more than one way to raise a child, to feed a child, to diaper a child, to educate a child - - can we just make a decision to be kind to each other and respect the different parenting ways?  Can we just stand together, as Mothers, and hold hands around the world and exhale for a minute?

To look back, do we preface it with all of the things  we had to do to get pregnant/have a baby?  Whether it was the first try, or the first round of in-vitro, or the first year of trying - or the first five years of waiting on an adoption list.  We all have our firsts that we struggled with.

The first time we experienced morning sickness.
The first time we had a hormone shot.
The first time an adoption fell through.

We all got queasy over something in the beginning.

Then we went on to struggle with our seconds.

The second time we had to go back for an ultrasound because the first one made the Dr. uneasy.
The second round of in-vitro.
The second miscarriage.
The second round of blood work.
The second batch of adoption legal fees.
We all had all sorts of seconds...and not just of dessert helpings.

And we made it to three.

The third trimester restricted to bed rest.
The third round of in-vitro that worked.
The third trip to another country.
The third meeting with a genetic counselor.
The third trip to the ER.
We had thirds we will never forget.

And through  miracles of all shape and form, all sizes big and small - we made it.

We held our baby.
We gave someone a life.
The greatest gift we could give.
But it doesn't end there.  It's the gift we give - that keeps on giving.  We keep giving.

Those helpless little ones.  Needing us for everything.  Food, comfort, diaper changes, warmth, love.
And we make it through those first few nights at home...and those first few weeks on no sleep...and those first few baths with our hearts in our throat.  And when we do fall asleep, we wake up suddenly to make sure they are breathing...and we pray they don't choke, and we pray we don't fall down the stairs with them in our arms, and we pray that their first doctor's appointments reassure us that they are healthy and we're doing it right.

We just do it.

And the time goes on.  And the years go by.  And the worries change, and they multiply, and they come and they go - but they are there.

We are all in this together.  No matter how you became a mother.  No matter who you mother.  Let's celebrate this together, regardless of what you believe, how you did it, what worked for you, what you stand for, what you stand up against - let's stand together.

We gave life.


Celebrate it.

Cheers and Love,
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. DG, Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day full of Happiness!Thank you for bringing up all those special moments.

    1. You too Paula..thanks for the note. xo

  2. Hear hear! *raises glass of -enter your drink of choice-*
    We rock on a daily basis.
    Here's to tomorrow, when we rock on, cheers.

  3. Children - our hope for tomorrow and our blessing of the day. Praise the Lord!

  4. You are just amazing. Way to cut through the insanity and find what unites us all. The first time when the nurses said you could bring the baby home and you're thinking...are you kidding me? The first time you tried to change a onsey on a floppy baby and had to have your mom help because you were too scared to do it. All the way to when your third falls and breaks her arm and you are like "yeah baby, I know it hurts but you'll be ok. And no, you can't stick a chopstick in your cast to scratch when it itches." No matter how we choose to mother, we are all moms. The sisterhood is strong. :)

  5. Goosebumps. Gorgeous post. Hope you have an amazing Mother's Day.

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful comments - blogger is not letting me comment on the last few - so sorry - blogger is being a putz! xo

  7. You always have the right words. Beautiful post my love. Beautiful.

  8. Beautiful and perfectly said!

  9. What a perfect read at Mother's Day, and every other day too!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Thank you for this! It made me cry. In a good way. I have issues with Mother's Day because of my "mommy issues" I forget how amazing what I did / do has been. Love you <3 Thank you! Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Michele Dobson-AndrewsMay 10, 2013 at 10:43 AM

    You put this in the best words ever! Being a Mom is exhausting, crazy, thankless, and wonderful!! Being a Mom is not for the selfish, single-minded, or weak! Carry on, Army of Mothers!!!

  12. It is huge. Everything we do every day is huge. We all do it, and we should all support each other. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.


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