I Laughed All Night...

I chose this photo of Larry and Jeff from Curb Your Enthusiasm, because this is the kind of laughter I was representing last night.

I have a hangover this morning.

My head hurts.

My stomach literally aches.

I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything though.

You see it's not a booze hangover - it's a hangover from utter hysteria.

The belly laughs I produced last night for h o u r s while reading this book, You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth  not only gave my abs the workout of a lifetime, but managed to annoy the hell out of my sleeping husband - enough that he finally just left the room.  (I tried to stifle the laughs - I swear I tried...but you know when you're trying so hard that the opposite happens?  Ya, that.  I held them in and the tremors shook the bed as I bounced up and down from the shockwaves of laughter.)

He finally came back to bed, and I turned off the iPad and my dizzy head hit the pillow and my thoughts drifted to a line from a story - and BOOM the laughs started again.  Tears streaming down my face, mascara blurring my vision, and I'm practically choking from coughing and larynx irritation.

You too can annoy the shit out of your husband, give your abs the workout of a lifetime, and let your spirit be filled with laughs you haven't had in ages....

Go. Order. Now.    

Thank you Kim at Let Me Start By Saying for the awesome graphic!

Thank me later.

Love and Laughs,
(PS...if you need another book - go for I Just Want to Pee Alone, another brilliantly funny anthology by a bunch of us crazy giggle-lovers!)


  1. Oh DG, I am giggling just picturing you stifling that sparkling, contagious laughter of yours. That belly-ache feeling is THE BEST! This post is the perfect testimony to the awesomeness of this book. It's so exciting for me to see it through fresh eyes like yours. Thank you for being a part of this! Your essay in the book is so completely LAUGH OUT LOUD worthy. I would pay cash money to secretly watch people read it and gasp, laugh, cringe, relate, laugh some more, and then mentally high five you. XO

  2. OMG! I love you! Our long suffering husbands and the bed shaking from laughter! THANK YOU!


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