A Case of the Mondays on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Save the Mondays for Mondays.

Hello?  Is this thing on?

Not sure if anyone is reading anymore.

I'm feeling crappy.  I thought it was just a mean case of PMS but you know what, even PMS gets tired of taking the blame for everything all the time.

It's life.

People are grouchy!  I mean really grouchy!

Just go look in your newsfeed.  I'll wait.

What did you see?

A shared blog/photo of someone picking on someone?
Oh, let me guess - an open letter to someone who picked on someone who picked on someone?

I'm spotting a trend.... post. counter. rebuttal. satire. counter to satire. beat topic into ground until tiresome. drive everyone bonkers. death of topic. rinse repeat...

For the love, why is everyone so pissed off all of the time?
Everyone reserves the right to be offended at any given time!
There's a fight looming on every other post on Facebook!

You know, we talk about our kids acting up?
Adults are the worst!

I'm not saying everyone - but seriously, there is a Case of the Nasties going around and it's got to stop.

I saw this Tweet Pick this morning on and I had to laugh because it is so true:

'Were you in a good mood? Let me help you with that.'-Internet comments
@aparnapkin [Tweet Pick].

It's nearing the holidays..we need a little holiday cheering up.

So, here's my challenge.  Don't worry, I'm going to do it too.

Don't do it.
When you want to go to it.
oops - sorry, that's a Frankie Goes to Hollywood song.

Anyhow - the challenge.
Stop the madness.
Stop getting mad.
Stop being mad.
Stop buying into the bullshit.

Find the joy.

It's all around you.
Sometimes you just have to look a little harder.

You know, every day I ask my kids to tell me ONE good thing that happened at school today.  They find something - and I joke about it sometimes because their answers can be so silly - like I liked lunch, or I played at recess - or however small a detail it was, but they manage to do it.  So can we.  We can find something that made us happy, something  that is positive and if we can't do that than dammit we better go out and make some happy for ourselves.  Define your idea of happiness.  Is it a quiet walk? A nap? A shopping trip?  A visit with a friend?  A run?  What is it?  Time to find out.  Do it.  Take your happy back.

Just do it.

Yesterday, I was at a soccer game for one of my boys.  I was chatting with another mom.  She had the horrific duty of telling someone they had been diagnosed with cancer.  That was how her day was.  She reminded me that when she has days like that, it's pretty easy to be grateful for simple things like health, and smiles, and kids, and soccer games and brush off the stress of rushing around, dealing with homework, cleaning up the kitchen and other mundane tasks of the daily grind.

I hate that I had to be reminded of how fragile life is.  I'm someone who is usually pretty cheery in general but even I've been crabby lately.  Between the government shutdown, the shitty news daily, and so much sadness swirling around the lives of others, it's hard to stay focused on what matters.

But I'm going to refocus.  We've got one life, one shot, one go around.

It doesn't take that  much effort to pass a nasty post by without indulging - or to hide a Debbie Downer from your newsfeed, or to take the high road - or even to rearrange something subtly in your mind to find the good instead of joining the feeding frenzy of the bad stuff.

I'm getting back on track - wanna join me?

Oh Oprah..if only it was this easy. xo

Keep smiling...Cheers and Love,


  1. Amen, DG. Let's get our happy on and annoy everyone around us!

  2.'s been exhausting lately. Thanks for this. Off to get some happy via a large coffee.

    1. Ohhhh you had me at for me too? That makes me soo happy!

  3. I'm Happy , Happy to be sitting here drinking my favorite Coffee. Happy not to be out in the car with my sister who like everyone else who is a RAGE A HOLIC exhibits this nasty side of themselves while driving. she is a A rage a holic behind the wheel of anything ...I wish they made happy driving pills cause I would have stuffed a couple down her throat yesterday as we spent the whole day driving from one family member's house to the next and she was completely raging non stop till we arrived back to my house in the early evening .I wish I had recorded her, so I could play it back to her after . So happy I'm home all day and not going anywhere :)Keep the Coffee coming it tastes so good and makes everyone smile even my sister is smiling now that she has a cup in her hand.

    1. coffee makes everything better! big hugs to you Paula!

  4. Yes! Thank you for the reminder. We all need some happy. In fact I'm going to make this a blog post for myself. Give myself a challenge and then DO it. Seriously though, I think it's 2013, been a tough year for a lot of us!

    1. I hear you girlfriend- 2013 has been rough...let's finish it with some good luck! xo

  5. We ALL need to hear this!!

    1. that one never gets old. xo hugs to you girl.

  6. Ok. Challenge accepted. I'll keep checking your blog for happy inspiration and try not to bitch so much on mine.

  7. just found your blog today. i really need this today. i am going to challenge myself to say out loud at least one thing i'm thankful for/happy about every day. additionally, i have given myself permission to ignore/block/hide/etc... anyone on digital media/social networks that upset me. thanks for the great post!


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