Getting Caught with Your (Snow)Pants Down..

We have months to get ready for it.

We know it's coming.

We know what we need.

And yet.

Every year, many of us get caught with our snow pants down.  You know, that first snowfall that people talk about for days, kids get excited waiting for, and everyone is anticipating -  but no one is prepared for!?


Not ready.

So, when do we realize that last year's winter coats don't fit?  We can't find matching gloves?  Hats have gone missing.  Boots are a struggle to get on.


5 minutes before the bus comes.  10 minutes before you have to leave to take the kids to school.

Despite the Carpenters famous song The First Snowfall - it's hard to bask in the joy of it when you are rushing around like a crazy woman trying to get everyone ready.  Their first snowfall they were singing about must have been on a weekend.  Go figure.

Despite last year's vow to be prepared next year.  We didn't follow through.

Never mind last month's promise to clean out the coat closet in anticipation of the changing season - it never got done.

So now, in sheer, all-out panic - - gloves, mittens, hats, scarves and curse words go flying into the morning air.

But mommmm these don't feel right!

But mommmm, this is HIS coat from last year and it's TOO BIG!

I can't help it - funny Ikea monkey is a good model for this illustration.  His coat looks a little too big for him.

Mamaaaaaaaaa I can't walk in these boots!  
THAT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE ON THE WRONG FEET!!! Damn Kamiks - is it me, or does the left look exactly like the right? To a kid, they look the same.  To a frantic adult, boots on both feet are a win, regardless!  JUST PUT THE  BOOTS ON AND LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sometimes they go to put their winter coat on from last year, and their hat and gloves are still in the sleeve from last year when they wore it because you never sorted anything, washed anything, or even bothered to check the pockets.  Success Kid.

Success Kid Meme - always the exception to the rule.

Despite the fact that you started last winter season off with mittens tied together with string, you never anticipated one of your boys would swing it like a lasso in the air and hit his brother in the face with the Polar Express Glove to the eye.  Stop swinging your mittens! I don't want anyone shooting his eye out!


So you took the strings off to ensure another year of good vision for your children, but alas, a mitten left his spouse behind and headed for the hills with a lonely sock that escaped from the laundry.

What's it going to take to get ready for winter?  Every year we know it's coming.  We need mittens, hats, scarves, snow pants, coats that fit - - is it that hard?  Some years I was lucky enough to buy them at the end of the previous season, only to forget about the fact that I put them up in the attic to store them until I needed them.

My Darling Husband

  I've practically fallen down the stairs trying to make it in time, as I'm biting off the tags with my teeth while skidding Risky Business -style across the kitchen floor.

(Gif from Perez Hilton.com) 

I'VE GOT THIS!  I squeeze everyone into their everything and with 22 seconds to spare!  My workout is already done for the day!
(Thank you http://giphy.com/gifs/jceZduJsrpq80)

And somehow, we manage to get everyone out the door and off to enjoy the first day in the winter wonderland.  None of them match, but their feet, hands and heads will be warm and that is what matters, right?

(Of course, the second they are gone, we dump out the winter hat box and find every single winter accessory we couldn't find just minutes before.)  Undoubtedly, come Christmas time, there will once again be enough hats and gloves in this house to clothe a small village.  Where they'll end up in just a few short months is a mystery.  Actually, it's no mystery - have you seen the lost and found table at an elementary school in March?  Enough for several small villages to wear!

There's always next year.

YES! Next year I'm going to get organized.

It'll be one of my resolutions!  HA!

Until next time..
Cheers and Hot Chocolate Clinks - I'm off to clean out the closet.


  1. This morning we didn't have snow, but we did have 17 degrees. I couldn't find one pair of matching gloves. At least coats still fit and I found hats. Boots are a whole other story. We get so little snow here that I usually wait for the first snowfall before I invest in boots. I've been burned too many times by pairs that never even got wet.

    1. The coats still fit?? You get a free pass this year! xo

  2. We have hats and gloves a plenty. None of them match of course, but damn it we have them. Coats on the other hand....Thank God I have some extras in the attic. If I can find them.

  3. Every. Single. Year.

  4. Nothing like shuffling everything in the basement storage area to get to the winter tote. I got it to the living room and just dumped the whole thing out. It was a free for all. There were shouts of I found a match and that's too big for you, you can't wear it All the winter bliss that makes me want to move south every year.

    1. Ohh that was a brilliant idea!! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF! First one to find a match wins...love it.

  5. I had to run to kohl's for kid gloves yesterday. Luckily the coats still fit AND I found hats! Yay for moving and being FORCED to organize! Doing a happy dance!

    1. Nice job Courtney!! Did your Kohl's receipt show you saved $600 on your purchase? lol!! I love Kohl's but their receipts crack me up. Nothing like a move to force you to get your stuff together...let me know how next year goes. :) xo DG

  6. This is my hell! I have four kiddos and zero matching gloves, AARGH!

    1. Ohhh shit Rossow! I pictured you as having the most perfect hallway cubbie system for everyone's everything! If you don't have matching gloves, we're doooomed. xo love you girl!

  7. Yesterday morning it snowed. I threw our entire stash of outerwear in the hallway, started to cry in a running-late panic and ended up shoving my husband's hat on my 4 year old son's head. The preschool teacher then kindly suggested I find some mittens also for tomorrow. I already love you, but this post leaves me running your fan club. xo.

  8. We haven't had snow yet either, but super cold temps. My kindergartener came home with a little pair of gloves in his backpack. I interpreted it as the kindergarten teacher's passive aggressive sign that I am the bad mom who sends her 6 yo to school without being properly covered.


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