Funny Winter Weather Memes..

Living up here in New England is nice because as soon as you start getting sick of one season, we are ready to slide into the next one.

Once Thanksgiving is over, the thing everyone wants, needs, and begs for is snow.  It's like 8 months was too long and everyone has amnesia regarding what the snow looks like and how wonderful sweaters and warm clothes are.  We've got boots we want to wear, ski jackets to show off - and the pure white driven snow to be in awe of.

People start to panic if it hasn't snowed by December 1st.

And then...it happens one day.  The first snowfall of the season.
Stop it Dwight, I said SEASON.

Everyone is just....happy.

Unless, it snows really hard when you're flying to or from Christmas...
So all of a sudden, snow is not snow fun anymore.
it's January, you're cold and tired and want to stay home.

And you get the 5am wake up call...and as happy as you are you have a snow day, you can't go back to sleep - because the 5 am wake up call scares the shit out of you.

But you have fun inside and stay in your jammies all day.
and then...all across America..
Polar Vortex...

Polar Vortex Means IT'S REALLY F*&^%$# COLD OUTSIDE.
It also means...
More snow days for everyone..
And you haven't gone anywhere in days..you can't come up with any more indoor activities.
Everyone has been together too long.
Everyone has cabin fever.
"Too much Larry time." from Curb Your Enthusiasm..when you've spent wayy too much time together.

And then..
5 am.
Not again...
You're starting to get desperate..

And then...the next day..
But it's not.
It's back to school for everyone!
But you long for summer...you MISS summer - you promise, you'll never complain about
being too hot again...
you're just so damn cold...
and utter exhaustion takes over..

and then just a few months later...

In the end...

When all else fails, blame the weather.


  1. I've got whiplash from nodding my head too much reading this! We're on snowday #2 over here, and thisclose to killing each other. I exhausted all of my creative goodies yesterday because I thought "Ah, no way school will be cancelled AGAIN tomorrow." It's 8:30am, and I'm contemplating adding a little Bailey's to my morning coffee.

    Stay warm and sane!

  2. HAHAHAHA! Nice job, as always. My kiddo has the distinction of being the only person in either of our extended families to ever get FOUR DAYS IN A ROW off from school. And it's his Senior year! He figures he might as well plan on graduating on the 4th of July. :) My daughter would have been off from her Community College as well, but they were already on Winter Break. She's just disappointed.


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