Mamas Need Hobbies, Too.

A few years ago, I was cleaning the kitchen for the sixth time that wintry Sunday, when I looked up to find my three boys and my husband all happily working on a Lego project.

Aside from cursing Legos, stepping on Legos, and seeking their destruction via Dyson, I don't have much use for them.  I could've paid for one entire year of college with the amount invested in this company.  All that being said, my boys LOVE them and so does my husband.  There is no shame in that, there is no problem with that.  I am happy that they took after the engineer brain my Husband so proudly uses.  I am thrilled that they all have a hobby they love to help pass the cold winter weekends.  Once the trees bud and the snow is gone, Lacrosse season is among us, and the four of them continue to share the bond of the game that they love so dearly.  Lacrosse and Legos.  Live. Breathe. Eat.  Enjoy every minute.  So where does that leave me?

Sure they want mama at bedtime, snack time, cheering on the sidelines at game time, and moments sprinkled in between.  But I knew that one Sunday in winter that Mama needed a hobby, too.  I didn't have the girl to do my weekend jaunts to the spa or mall with.  I didn't have the desire to sit and put Legos together, and I've never picked up a Lacrosse stick in my life.  What I did have....were stories.  Lots of them.

A Blog was Born.

I fell in love with blogging...hard and fast, infatuation and crazy teen love.  Immediately, I was drawn to others who loved blogging with the same love/hate relationship that I had.  We became friends - many of us - reading each other, commenting, supporting, promoting, encouraging - and begging the other not to quit on the dark days.

A few years of this and I've had my ups and downs - I've loved it with a passion, and hated it with every fiber of my being on some days.  But I'm still here.

In June, I have the huge honor of serving on the Faculty of BlogU.  BlogU is a 2 day conference June 6-8, 2014 in Baltimore MD at Notre Dame of MD University.  BlogU is a conference for women, moms, bloggers, and writers.  

Whether you are a new blogger, thinking about starting a blog, or have been doing it for ages, please think about signing up to join us for fun, fabulous speakers, and an unforgettable experience based on the hobby we love.

I'd love to see you, have coffee with you, give you a hug and encouragement - and, since I think I've signed up for the Cupcake Corner - give you some sweet treats, too.  (I'm no dummy, I know where the action is..) Luckily, they didn't sign me up for passing out hand towels and hairspray in the bathroom.  

So what are you waiting for???  Space is limited which means the sessions will be small! Can't wait to see you in June! 


Professor of Cupcakes, 

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  1. DG, Aww I'm so Old :) I need to hook up with a grandparents blog!! But I so enjoy seeing you go through some of the things I have already gone through and some I haven't:) Thanks for the links!! will pass them onto my younger cousin who is mom to 4!!


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