Superbowl Yoga Party

10 Most Popular Superbowl Yoga positions.  
So easy, you won't even know you're doing them.

1.  Group Namaste:  also known as the same -team high five. Most often occurs early in game when optimism is flowing like the alcohol being served at the party.

2.  Downward Facing Hot Dog - getting the entire hot dog in before it lands on your shirt. It's all in the wrist strength and requires coordination to execute properly.

3.  Half Moon - when your shirt rides up too much from you leaning forward and grunting to grab more           chips while doing a seated forward bend.,also called Pranayama Plumber.

4.  Awkward Chair Pose (Touchdowns & Gloating) - these poses can be dangerous to yourself and to others.  Please keep a safe distance from other guests. A styrofoam finger to the eye is a party foul.

5.  Child's (Pouting) Pose - head in hands, sulking over a bad call. Be careful not to pull a muscle in your neck doing this one. PS - no one wants tears in their chip bowl so back away from the snacks when crying.

6.  Reclining Hero - eating a sandwich in the recliner with footstool in full extension. Requires jaw flexibility      focus, and arm strength. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

7.  Superman Pose - showing everyone you have superhuman powers with the amount of food you can            consume in a short amount of time. Be careful you don't eat too much or this could end up in the Kneeling      before the Porcelain Pose.

8.  Breath Retention - when the game gets really close and you just can’t stand to watch but you can’t            look away. During high-stress times, it's common to tighten the upper chest and grip the muscles in the          shoulders and throat.  To obtain calm and regain  a normal type of breathing pattern, relax the jaw, throat,      neck, and shoulders, and envision the breath sweeping into the deepest parts of the lungs as you breathe        in and out, letting the stress from a close game just melt away.

9.  Downward facing laptop while Tweeting about the game. Warning, this pose is not for beginners.       Do not attempt to tweet in this position, especially after consuming mass quantities of carbs and/or                 alcohol.        

10. Corpse pose - usually at end of 4th quarter, a combination of too many carbs and too much stress from the game - just find a spot and assume the position.
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NAMASTE...and Enjoy the Superbowl!

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