The Return of Downton...Hallelujah

"You have a straight forward choice before you. You must choose either death or life."
Violet Crawley.


Just when my falsely adopted accent was started to fade from watching wayy too many episodes and seasons at a time of Downton Abbey, I can finally get back to working on it tonight at 9:00pm (but who's counting?) ME!  You may remember my 10 signs you've watched too much Downton Abbey from last season - click here to read it if you missed it!!

Can you just hear that little ditty at the Intro?  The twisty new turn to the old Masterpiece theme song that trails off at the end.  Between that and Laura Linney, my heart starts racing.

Cue the music..(click here to youtube)
And the world's most beautiful Lab, with the coat as clean as one of the fine bone china plates at their dinner - Isis.  He makes me want to go get a dog.

But I can't think of Isis without thinking of Thomas the Turd locking him in the shed...oof I hated that part.

And one simply cannot mention Thomas the Turd without his awful ex-sidekick O'Brien. 
But who can think of O'Brien without hearing her devious scheming against Mr. Bates? And you cannot say the name Bates, without saying Anna in the same sentence.  And I'm going to be totally and brutally honest here and say - the honeymoon scene is burned into my brain  - as much as I wish it wasn't.  I know, it's supposed to be a beautiful love story....but  *shudder*.   Am I the only one that shuddered a little bit during that scene??  Oof.

Here's a gif from that scene to really take us back and illustrate my memories of that happy/cringeworthy scene ( -  from the site NewNowNext.  since I don't know how to make these little clips.)

Moving on..

Please tell me that Edith will have some excitement in this season??  I'm still grieving Sir Anthony Strallan's one liner at the alter.  Again, brilliant gif from
This - and 'GOOD GOD!' when he bites into the salty dessert when Mrs. Patmore's vision was blurry.  Classic Strallan moments!

So, I've had some time to think about the car accident last season, and for a while there, I really had myself believing that Matthew could indeed survive a head trauma and still live.  I gave myself a good three months of soap-opera-like miracle thinking/denial until several people shattered my hope by saying Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) wouldn't be returning to Downton.  What the hell?  I lost so much time worrying about this.  More time, I'm certain, than Mary did.  I am sure that Mary will find something terribly inconvenient about Matthew's accident, and we may spend the first few episodes dealing with her.  (Seriously, I am heartbroken for her, I am - but she is such a brat. Will she even grieve?  I'm curious.  Only a few hours until we find out.)

The "mary" eyeroll.

There are so many characters to talk about still, but I'm afraid I must go.  I have to polish my silver, fetch the candles for the candelabra, and start working on my Salmon Mousse before Mrs. Patmore thinks I'm slacking.

"Do I look like a frolicker?!"
—Mrs Patmore to Mr Carson when she is accused of frolicking with Ethel

Just a few more hours....until then - here are some more fun gifs to enjoy. And in the words of Lord Grantham, I must skedaddle.

Enjoy Season 4 my fellow Downtoners,

Thanks for these great Downton clips:

And the finale... Drunken Mr Mosely for the win:

I'm going to be linking up other Downton blogs so you can get as much DA as you can handle this week!

And once you've seen the 2 hour premier...have some fun with this little link - if downton took place entirely on Facebook - season 4, episode 1.

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  1. I loved your lead up... I knew Matthew wouldn't be returning because Dan Stevens the actor who played him wanted edgier roles. Apparently he found Matthew to be a snooze.

  2. I am loving all of these--thanks for making this bleak Friday morning. "Do I look like a frolicker?". We need to start a Mrs. Patmore fan club ASAP. You are wonderful.

  3. The dog! Oh, the music! Oh and that horrible honeymoon scene! Why can't it be Sunday yet??

  4. I'm usually a fan of more refined British television, Mr. Bean and the like, but now that I know Laura Linney's involved in this show ... I will check it out. Mary's eye roll would be worth the price of admission, too.


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