10 Things You Must Know to Build a Successful Facebook Page - as told by SNL alumni.

Not long ago, I was reading a post about Fantasy Football and how you could have a chimp pick your team out of a hat and have just as successful of a season as someone who researched every player.  Last night I read an article about how to run a Facebook page and effectively promote it.  I read it and it was so ridiculous and vague that it reminded me of those articles and prompted me to write this blog today.

I can't get those ten minutes back, but I can make light of what a hilarious article it was.  I would post it for you to read here, but it's like when you realize the milk is spoiled and you insist that someone else taste it to verify what you already know.  It's like cruel and unusual punishment.  I'll spare you that and cut right to the funny.

Here are a few highlights of the article:  and this might be funnier to those of us who actually run Facebook Fan page than to those who don't...but here they are, regardless:

*You need to create interesting and informative content - really? because I kind of thought stupid content would really drive traffic to my page! There goes that theory!

* If your content is drab, rest assured that none will engage with you and you cannot build the right Facebook community. - that depends - maybe I WANT to build a drab FB community.

*You must post thought-provoking content - thinking is overrated.

By poking fun of that article, what I am saying is that there can be countless articles written about how to build your Facebook page, but if your posts are not being seen by anyone then what good is any of it?

Based on this article, I've decided to put my expertise, or lack of, into my own How to Build Your Facebook Page - using one liners from SNL's most popular and wise characters.  I hope you will find this information as helpful as I found the article I referred to above.   If nothing else, perhaps a laugh at how absolutely ludicrous it is to try to make sense of the nonsense that Facebook has become.  

On a serious note however, if you really are looking for answers on building your FB page, your blog, your Twitter, etc - please consider joining us at the BlogU conference!
And now back to the funny.

10 Things You Must Know to Build a Successful Facebook Page - as told by SNL alumni.

1.  The Church Lady: Acknowledge that you are not in control of your page.

2.  Only Post Quality Content: If it's not Scottish, it's Crap.

3. Find someone to partner with: The Sweeney Sisters are a good example.

4.  When in doubt, add more cowbell.

5.  Have Giveaways and Promotions: Like Free Schweddy Balls
6.  Always post about Coffee. People love coffee.
7.  Motivate your audience - use scare tactics and threats if you have to.

8.  Don't talk about how great you are and how many fans you have - no one cares.
9.  Ask simple questions to engage your audience.  

10. Don't be a dick.  People might like a dick in a box..but they don't like a dick FB admin.

See how easy it is to write a post about a hosting a successful Facebook page?  So easy, even a caveman can do it.

"He used to be a caveman,
but now he's a lawyer.
Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer!"

Until the next blog...remember this:
you can't make sense out of nonsense - but you sure can laugh about it...
no nooo they can't take that away from me...


  1. So we must eradicate the drab AND be interesting? That is a lot of pressure. I should probably close my page and eat candy to pass the time. (Instead of my current tendency to post about how I am eating candy)

    Love the SNL points!

    1. It's wayyy too much pressure. LOL! Personally, I love posts about candy. xo


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