That's A-Mommy (sung to That's Amore)

That's A-Mommy
 (sung to the tune of That's Amore by Dean Martin) 
In Febru'y where colds are king
Boy coughs on girl
Here's what they sing:

When the sneeze sprays your eyes
And you just want to cry, you're a mommy
When they've kept you up all night
Cause' they just don't feel right, you're a mom
When the cold makes them drool on you
like a slobbering fool that's a mommy.
Scuzza-me but you see you got boogies on me
 I'm your mommy.

Bells at the doc will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling
Ting-a-ling-a-ling and you'll say, "Can ya help us"
The nurse will say tippy-tippy-tay
Tippy-tippy-tay "You are taking a sick day!"

When the cold makes them drool on you
Just like a slobbering fool, you're a mommy

When they can't  breathe through their nose &
wipe snot on your clothes, they've got chills.

When you just want to run & scream
But you know, you're not leaving, signore
You sneezed on me, but you see
I'm not a tissue, kid, please, I'm just Mommy.

When they walk around weepy
But you know, they're just sleepy, signore

Scuzza me, but you see
You just need a lil' nappy with Mommy.

Here's to spring coming tomorrow..until then,
I'm the human tissue,

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