If Prom-posals Happened in the 80's. Top 10 Missed Opportunites for the Perfectly 80's Promposal

So I've been hearing and seeing the buzz all around the Internet about Prom and how to ask someone to go to Prom with you.  It's not like it used to be.  It's not just a note you pass in between classes, friends don't hint around, and there is no calling and hanging up on your potential date until you finally build up the courage to ask when someone answers. (thanks caller id and technology!)   Nope - now it's a big ordeal much like proposing marriage!  My friend Jen over at People I Want to Punch in the Throat covered this topic today on her blog and I thought I'd write a complimentary one to talk about the missed Prompportunites to ask someone out in the most clever way when I was in high school - IN. THE. 80's.

So let's countdown the Top 10 Ways that boys could've blown their dates away using a little creativity and pop culture.  How I wish we had this back in the day so someone might have made this happen for me. lol!

1.  For the Star Wars fans:  The boy could dress up in a Darth Vader costume, head over to the potential prom date's house with red light saber in hand and when the girl opens the door, swing the lightsaber with a corsage attached to the tip and say, "I AM YOUR PROM DATE...."

2.  In this homage to Ferris Bueller, the boy hops on the town's Easter Parade float and hijacks the microphone singing "Danke Shoen" with a money back guarantee she'll say YES.

3.  How about if the potential suitor rents a white tux with black vest and plays Andrew McCarthy's role in Pretty in Pink while playing If You Leave in the background.  He could even present to her a handmade Pink Lace Prom Dress as a gift as he says "If you leave without saying yes, I'll be running the other way..."
4.  I feel like a great way to Prompose in the 80s would've involved Michael Jackson.  The boy could've worn the entire red leather get up and brought his boom box and some friends to her front yard and performed a fully choreographed routine to Thriller Prom Night.  How could you say no to that?
5.  The Outsiders, recreated for Promposal.  Sport as much Dippety Do as possible, wear a sleeveless greaser tshirt and some rolled up flood pants and boom - Greasers will still be Greasers and  Socs will still be Socs. You'll score your own Cherry Valance Prom Date with this one.
6.  Write a short essay on who you think you are asking so and so to Prom.  Make sure your answer, in the simplest terms athlete... ...and a basket case... ...a princess... ...and a criminal... and of course, be sure to play Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds when you give her the note. When she says yes, a victorious fist to the air is a necessity for her to see.

7.  Want to sweep her off her feet when you propose?  Dress  up in  Cobra Kai gear, put your game face on and ask her to prom.  NO MERCY.

8.  I'd be in serious trouble if I didn't suggest the idea that someone wear a Lloyd Dobler trench coat and wait until the potential date goes to bed to blare Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes.  No matter how stalker-ish it seems in this day in age, we've all secretly wished to be Diane Court for five minutes.

9.  Recreating a scene of any kind from Dirty Dancing would have been a dreamy way to get a Prom Date - blaring "Do You Love Me?" while Promposing would've been brilliant.  I mean who doesn't want a date who can Mash Potato and Do the Twist?  Tell me!  Watch me now....and don't forget to promise you won't put her in a corner!
10.  The finale.  The Grand Pooba.  The Cream of the Crop.  The #1 Biggest Fantasy Promposal of the 1980s....of course....16 Candles.  Promposer leases Red Porsche 944 (no big whoop, right?), wears a button down and a vest with jeans and boots and waits outside for her to come out of church, or something similar - then says "yeah you" as potential promposee can barely breathe at the thought of her very own Jake Ryan moment.  This, my friends, would've been the single greatest Promposal in the world.

That's all for my take on these Promposals.  Until next time...
~Cheers, love and 80's quotes,

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  1. Now I just really, really want to go back to the 80s and get asked to the prom...

  2. Those were great! I still think the boom box and "In Your Eyes" could make me swoon. Ellen


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