(Yup, those are bunnies, they are supposed to be chicks! Also, you can make your own pudding - but for convenience-sake, I bought the packs)

Tis the season again for Peep recipes! Remember last year, I did Peepster Sundaes!!  Those were so fun and so delicious!

My wee ones have a family night this Friday at their school called Spring Fling!  I was asked to bring some kind of dessert and what yells spring louder than PEEPS! This is so easy it will only take you a few minutes to get them done - very little clean up, too!  Yay!

Look - you either love them or hate them - but like it or not, you can't deny how adorable they make any dessert look.  I concocted this easy peasy dessert that not only looks great, but tastes great, too.
My boys added skittles to this - so don't mind the photo.  It was so fun for them to decorate their own!

Here's what you'll need...

(makes 6 mini peeps pies)
One package Keebler Ready Crust Mini Graham Cracker Pie Crusts (they come in an adorable little pie tin)
One package of (4) Individual 3.25oz Vanilla Pudding Cups
One package of PEEPS (chicks are fun for this project)
CoolWhip (optional)
Colored Candy Eggs (Pastel Skittles, M&Ms, Cadbury Eggs, etc...anything goes - and these are optional too)

Pour all 4 Pudding Cups in Mixing Bowl.
Take a table spoon and fill mini pie crusts with pudding.
If you are using cool whip or whip cream, add a dollup on top of the pudding.
Stick a Peeps marshmallow on top.
Sprinkle with yellow sanding sugar, any kind of festive pastel candies, etc to finish your Peeptart!
Serve immediately or put in fridge until dessert!


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