The Child's Guide to Mother's Day/Father's Day Gift Giving...

The other day I was talking with my boys at dinner about birthdays.  We are in the middle of birthday season around here as all of our birthdays fall right after the other.  After we did a round of who wants what, a thought struck my five year old.   Mom, what do  YOU want for YOUR birthday?

Good question.

My immediate thought was a weekend in Vegas playing hours of slot machines, spending the rest of my time by a pool with a fruity drink and of course a little spa time as well, HOWEVER, I did not voice that opinion.  Instead, I turned the tables on him and answered him with another question.

What would you want to get me for my birthday? What do you think I need?

As if it was just too easy of an answer, my six year old shouted, "I KNOW, I KNOW!"


I snickered.  What could be wrong with my pajamas? They are plenty fun - for me at least.  Okay so they aren't, airquotes, pajamas - they are old ratty yoga pants and tank tops topped with fleecy- soft sweatshirts. Well, if I'm really being honest they don't yell "HEY, I'M A FUN GAL..."   they yell something more like "DON'T HASSLE ME, I'M TIRED..."

So leave it to my boys to brainstorm together and come up with the idea of getting me some Star Wars Pajamas so that I, too, could have a little fun with my sleepwear.  I'm game.  I'll do anything for a laugh and to make them happy so if they want to get me those for my birthday, then I'll be a good mom and humor them.

This led me to my idea for this blog.  What if kids could pick out - no, reallllly pick out our gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day?   I think it would be something like this...and some of these would be so much fun to unwrap!


1.  Lego Slippers:  Dual Purpose - colorful, fun, comfy slippers - with the added protection for when you actually step on Legos.  Brilliant.  Stop Mom and Dad from yelling profanities with this brilliant gift.  Available in Blue AND Red.

2.  If Lego slippers just aren't their type, perhaps, Hobbit feet would be more appropriate? Take warm and fuzzy to a whole new level for the Lord of the Rings fan.

Order hobbit feet now!

3.  Want your mom to be soft and cuddly after a bath?  Nothing says hug me like this Ladies' Wookie Robe!
It just shouts FUN!

4.  Is your Mom/Dad a big Dr. Who fan?  How about wrapping them in style from head to toe in this Tardis footie Union Suit!
Travel all through your dreams with these jammies!
5.  Maybe a long robe is preferred?  Try a Harry Potter house robe for either mom or dad! Perfect!
Add magic to bedtime!
6.  Are you a gamer? Want your mom to be the coolest in her robe? Try a World of Warcraft robe!
Mimic in -game designs with these glamorous robes.
7.  What mom doesn't want an R2D2 dress for summer?
Be cool, look cool, stay cool in this sundress!
8.  Girls - want to get your mom a happy gift! How about some comfy My Little Pony leggings?
Keep mom colorful and bright !
9.  Hey Newborns! Shopping doesn't have to be so hard for you babies! Try these diaper bags for the new mama and papa of yours!  Superman or Batman would give them the superpowers to survive the sleep deprivation!
Changing pad with sound effects too! What!?
No kryptonite in this diaper bag! Click to order!

10.  Game of Thrones fans? How about a cookbook - have some Buttered Beets or Applecakes while watching GoT !
Indulge here...

There are just so many great gifts out there for you kids to buy your parents!  Hope this little gift guide helps!
Oh, and if you realllly want to make your mom happy on Mother's Day - be sure to send her a copy of the book I Just Want to Be Alone.  She'll be in such a good mood from laughing so hard you can ask her for anything and she'll say yes!

Buy it here..go ahead, mommy won't mind.  

Thanks for playing along! 

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  1. I would LOVE a Lego Death Star set. And my kids wouldn't be allowed to touch it. I realize I may be in the minority here. As a geek parent I would get excited about most of these gifts, and not just to be polite to my kids. Actually excited.


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