If Fitting Room Walls Could Talk....

With the warm weather finally here, it was time to update my tired wardrobe and take myself on a little shopping spree.  I found some really cute tops and long skirts, as well as capris and tshirts, and of course, my fave - maxi-dresses!  I took the maximum items allowed in with me to the fitting room, hung them on the general population hook then took each item, tried them on one by one and made the decision whether they were going on the 'definitely buying' hook or the 'hells no' hook.  This, my friends, is why they have at least 3 hooks (and the back of the door) in fitting rooms. To sort, narrow down, and organize.

I don't know about you, but most of the lies I tell myself happen within these 4 tiny mirror-covered walls in the department store.  I've been telling them to myself  for years and dealing with the buyer's remorse or poor judgement calls post-purchase.  It's all part of the fun process, though, isn't it?  Who doesn't have a few items with the tags still on them hanging woefully in their closet?  Good ideas-at-the-time, gone-wrong, items that weren't quite right that we talked ourselves into buying for different reasons, and even a few items that might deserve a Cher-type Moonstruck slap to SNAP OUT OF IT next time you think you can pull off a halter top like that.

Here is a fun list of follies, funnies, and flops that we tell ourselves when we're in the confines of that poorly illuminated cubicle that brings out the shady salesman in all of us.  We are gifted at telling ourselves exactly what we want to hear in those tiny fitting rooms!!  So have fun, read, and if you laughed, then feel free to share it.  Happy Shopping - Love and Good Fitting Clothing Now and Always, ~DG

Seriously - can you risk not having this great buy in your closet when you need it??

Top 20 Fitting Room Follies by DG

1.  It'll look better on me with different undies.

2.  The lighting in this fitting room is terrible. It'll look better with natural light.

3.  These mirrors aren't right. It'll look better in my mirror at home.

4.  I'm totally wearing the wrong bra for this. It'll look better when I wear my good bra.
I could have majored in Sale Math.
5.  You cannot beat this price.  The price is just too good to pass up. Even if I only wear it once, I'd kick myself if I passed this sale up.

6.  This will look so much better with my heels.  It will look so much better when I'm wearing my high heels.

7.  This will look so much better when I actually do my hair and makeup.        I'm just not doing this outfit justice with yesterday's eyeliner and a sloppy ponytail.

8.  If they only had the next size up - but they don't - so I'll just lose a few         pounds before I wear it.  It won't be that hard to just watch what I eat for a few days, right?

9.  I'd better pick up a pair of Spanx while I'm here.

10.  I better get the sweater, those pumps AND the tank top that goes with this skirt or I won't be able to find them when I need them.  I'll get so much wear out of that outfit it'll pay for itself ten times over.

11.  The damn security tab is 4 inches long and makes my thighs look so much bigger than they really are. It'll look so much better when it's off.

12.  A really cute necklace and this shirt will look like it fits perfectly on me!

13. I totally need to color my hair. Everything looks better when my hair is nicely colored.

14.  I'm bloated from PMS, my belly will be much less puffy if I try this on at home in a few days.

15.  The lighting at the restaurant/club/event will be dark so you won't be able to see how tight this is.

16.  This is a must-have for every closet.  I'm making an investment in myself by having this if I need it one day.

17.  It's hard to find this name brand at this price! 

18.  With a pair of really great shoes and a big purse, no one will notice my ass looks huge.

19.  You deserve this.



  1. I am always like, "Oh this will look great over some Spanx and after I get a blow-out at the salon. I'm totally getting this."

  2. All 20, my friend. Every single time.


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