10 Reasons to Stay at the NickHotel in Orlando

Every once in the while, playing on the Internet actually pays off.  It was a cold and dreary March night.  I was suffering from the Indoor Blues, Spring Fever, lack of sunshine and fed up with the million and one snow days.  My kids were in bed.  It was a school night.  My husband was watching some sci-fi and I, of course, turned to my friends in my computer for entertainment.  I hopped on Twitter and joined in on a very fun Twitter Party hosted by Suburban Snapshots and  sponsored by the very funny people behind NickMom.  I am a huge fan, supporter, and lover of both of them and of course the goal of most twitter parties is to get the hashtag to trend, right?  So I figured I'd turn my grouchy frown upside down and have some fun with hilarious people talking about vacations on this twitter party. I used that hashtag as many times as I could while answering funny questions and responded to others.  At the end of the party, one lucky tweeter would win a 3 night trip to the NickHotel.  Believe it or not - I won the prize.  I could NOT believe I was seeing my name.  (sidenote: it was a computer generated win monitored by an actual prize company - so please don't hate me for once in my life being on the winning end of a contest - rest assured, I've never won any of these computer generated entries before and probably never will again).   SO...I won.  Imagine my sheer joy in knowing I would be able to take our family on a vacation that wouldn't have happened otherwise because no money, no funny as far as heading to Florida any time in our near future.

I kept it a secret from the kids for months.  I knew they always got the day-before-school-starts blues every year so I decided to give them a YES DAY to divert their attention to a fun way to spend the last day of summer vacation.  I granted them THREE wishes to say yes to (within reason, of course) and they were SO happy with the simplest of yes answers it went much smoother than I thought.  I told them there would be a Grand Finale after dinner to YES day.

Before the nerves of the first day of school could get them in a chokehold, my husband and I decided we would not drag it out any further.  We called them into the family room and told them we had a big surprise.  They had been begging us to go to Florida for three years, and each time, we had to tell them we just couldn't go this year.  It was a joy to finally be able to tell them that we were all going in just over a month.  Back to school blues went by the wayside and they were so happy they could hardly sleep.  This was one of the best gifts I could give them to arm  them with the courage to start another year of school with a very happy trip on the horizon to look forward to.

I am so grateful that I won this trip - I truly am.  I only wish everyone had the opportunity to go and experience the fun, happiness and excitement that the Nick Hotel has to offer families.  It's not what I would call a place to go and rest and relax - it is fast paced, fun, wild entertainment for the kids and the big kids too.   You just go-go-go because you don't want to miss out on anything!

Before I offer you the highlights of the 3 day trip, I will say this.  TWITTER PARTIES are worth it.  I am living proof that you can go 40 years without winning a stinkin' door prize at a raffle - but some day - your luck might change and you could find yourself plummeting down a waterslide compliments of NickMom.  So go for it - keep your eyes out of the next party and get in there and have some fun.  

Until next time - remember - sometimes good things really do happen to good people.
If you are wondering where the sun goes for vacation - look no more - it's almost always sunny at the NickHotel!

Top 10 Reasons to Stay at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, FL

1.   SpongeBob & Friends  - - Everywhere.

2.  Play & win prizes in the cleanest arcade around in The Mall. Seriously, this was one of my boys' favorite places to spend their in-between time.  It was constantly being wiped down by housekeeping. 
My boys had SO much fun in the arcade - and they kept it SPOTLESS.

3.  Have the time of your life on the awesome waterslides right outside your door! Hey - how did that frozen drink get in the photo?  *cough*   The waterslides varied so littles and bigs can enjoy the different slides.  I enjoyed just hanging out poolside as you can see.  Also, they are so obsessed with keeping the place clean, they have several times each day where they get everyone out of the pool to clean it.  I loved that they kept the resort incredibly clean.
Pay no attention to the frozen beverage in the foreground...

4.  See what it's like to be a contestant on Double Dare LIVE!  Two out of my three boys were picked from the audience to be a contestant.  It was SO much fun.  I don't think I have every laughed so hard in my entire life.  It really was a great time and I highly recommend it if you do go.
Youngest was a contestant on Double Dare and had to find a cherry in a pile of whipped cream before his opponent did!

5.  Rest easy in their huge themed suites with bunk beds for the kids.  They even had little nightlights right next to their pillow.  The suites were spacious and clean - and bonus - a coffeemaker in the kitchen!  Swoon.
The boys loved their Danny Phantom room with bunk beds and their very own tv with remote. 

6.  Have dinner with Ninja Turtles and learn the coolest moves around.  The TNMT dinner was a highlight for the boys who are huge fans.  They served an Italian style buffet dinner that was really tasty.
Dinner was DELICIOUS.  The turtles came to every single table.

7.  Family friendly EVERYTHING.  Seriously, it is just a very happy, bright, cheery place.
Everywhere the kids look, they will find their favorite Nick friends.

8.  FREE SHUTTLE to all four Disney Parks, Universal Studios, and several others! Trust me, having a free shuttle to these places was a huge perk because cabs cost money!

This was taken at Ollivanders at Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios). The boys picked out their interactive wands and had a blast using them all around the shops.

9. Games Everywhere.  When checking in at the lobby, there are ipads on the wall, slideshows, computer games, and plenty of things to do to keep them occupied when you are busy getting other things done!

In every waiting area there are fun things for kids to do!

10. The kids will love it!  My boys were on Cloud 9 the ENTIRE time we were there. There was always something to do and even the down time in the room was fun.
Sitting in Blue's thinking chair. Just Think. Think. Think.


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