An Oath to Market Basket

On this, the 28th of July, 2014, I, DG, do solemnly pledge to NEVER...EVER...complain about Market Basket again.  I just left Sam's Club because it was imperative that I shopped for groceries, since I, much like Old Mother Hubbard, had bare cupboards.  Because it was not my beloved Market Basket, I was confused, overwhelmed and found myself purchasing 60 pounds of bacon, at least 4000 waffles, and 25 gallons of Iced Coffee.  I cannot be trusted in these clubs.

 Do you want a profession of my love? You got it.  I love you Market Basket.  I love your hard working dedicated employees, your management, your drivers, your customer service & of course, your low, low prices.  Help me, Market're my only hope.

In return I offer you this pledge to behave better in your store.....

I will not dread, loathe, whine or carry on about having to hit Market Basket on a weekend.  The same goes for midweek, Mondays, Fridays, firsts of the month, holidays, mornings, evenings, and every day and moment in between.

I will not use swear words as I circle the parking lot looking for any available space within three miles of the store.

I will wait my turn to get a cart, even if it means waiting for ten minutes and getting my ankles clipped by other passing carts.

I will not growl and grit my teeth while in the butter and cheese corner as people linger and hmm/haww over the difference between Neufch√Ętel and Cream Cheese.

I will not take offense to someone boxing me out of the yogurt section, or throwing elbows near the bags of chips.

I will make room for others when deciding between chicken or pork for dinner in the meat department.

I will certainly not become agitated by the unpleasant smell of cheese & seafood in the Deli department, nor will I lament over the deli ticket number being at least 24 numbers ahead of mine.

I will stay as far to the right of the aisle I am in, regardless of what other shoppers do.  I will be calm and courteous to the families that walk 5 people wide and block entire aisles at a time.

I will cordially greet every single stock boy with a smile & a hello, even if it means I scrape my shin on their flatbed.

I will be happy while shopping.  I will be nothing but happy.

I promise to honor and respect the frozen food section by not leaving the door open for too long to assess the ice cream selection, thus doing my part to keep the store energy efficient.

I will be careful not to smash into any other shoppers even during rush hour or gridlock in the produce aisle.

I will gladly take any of the 15 checkout lines available to me, and promise not to pull an optic nerve by rolling my eyes at the woman in front of me paying by check and taking thirty minutes to write it out.

I promise, with all of my being, that I will not screw up the Debit transaction like I do every g-d time I'm in there.  I will WAIT until the clerk tells me it's okay to slide and I will, like a good soldier, say - 'DEBIT, EXACT AMOUNT' when I feel the heavy glance of the checkout clerk upon me.

I promise not to succumb to my kids begging me to open the cookies while checking out.

I will graciously help load the bags into my cart, and I will not exhale loudly in exhaustion while waiting for the clerk to highlight my 4% savings and hand me my receipt.  I am ever so grateful for that 4%.

These things, I promise....please just get back to business as usual..and soon.

Yours in groceries, for life...

"We Are Market Basket" set this Go Fund Me page up for the administrative assistants, office clerical workers, truck drivers and warehouse workers.
 Here is the link:


Independence Day

What do you need freedom from today? Drama? Heartache? Anger? A Toxic Friendship?

I've been talking a lot lately about my 40's.  Mostly, I've touched on the effort it takes to look nice, to stay young looking, and embrace 40 gracefully.

There's another aspect of being 41, and today, as we celebrate Independence Day, it's a good time to talk about freedom - a different kind of freedom.

I've been through some tough things in my life.  I've weathered storms that even I am not ready to talk about.  Things happen to us in our lifetime - divorce, loss, heartache, friendships lost, misunderstandings.  We navigate our way through one crisis at a time, and with every road that we successfully make it down, the rough patches seem to get a little easier to get through.  My divorce seemed like it would be the toughest thing to process, but during that time, I found a strength within that I really didn't know existed.  I came out stronger, smarter, and had more clarity than I had in years.  Over the past decade, I've faced every joy head on, and used those wins to help me ease through the losses.  I've had situations where what I really wanted to do was scream profanities from the rooftop and cut people off at the knees, but I learned something so valuable through my past mistakes that would be the sure fix every time.  Love. When all else fails, choose love.

When people hurt us, whether intentional or unintentional - something small or something big - our knee-jerk reaction is to be angry.  I'll show them who they're messing with!  I have found a better map to use when navigating through the murky life waters and that is inked in with love love love.  This is the freedom I'm talking about.  Freedom to release yourself from things being personal - it's not about you.  99 times out of 100 it is NOT about you.  Repeat to yourself next time someone hurts you - it's not about me.  Unless you are this horrible person who creates drama everywhere you go and causes damage in your warpath (if it is because of that - you've got to stop) - it probably is not about you.  Give yourself the freedom to find peace in what people do to you.  Walk away.  Let it go.  Say to yourself that you are fine just the way you are.  You are a good person, a good friend, a good daughter or sister.  It doesn't matter how many square feet your home has, what kind of car you drive, how many pairs of shoes you have.  No one cares - and if they do, they aren't the kind of friend you need anyway.  What matters is that you show up to life.  That you are you. That you give someone the benefit of the doubt and smile at them.  Change the vibe you give off - I know it's so much easier to be pissed at someone, but if you put just a little more effort in, and rearrange it in your head - it's not about me - you'll find the freedom of the burden of drama in your life by using love as your shield.

But I deserve an apology.
You do.  But let it go.
But she/he almost ruined me.
But the world is still spinning, and your heart is still beating.
But it wasn't my fault.
It doesn't matter anymore.
But I lost so much time over him/her.
That's why you shouldn't lose any more time over it.

We all have things we've been carrying around for years, months, days, hours, minutes.  The only thing those things do is weigh us down.  Some of us might use them as crutches, as excuses, as reasons why we are who we are, or why we will never be who we want to be.  We've got to let them go.  Be free of those burdens, find a way to start anew without them.  I'm not saying forget - I think there is no way to forget things that have happened in our past, but I strongly believe there is a beautiful life waiting beyond the conflict.

We all have relationships that are waiting to be healed.  In our families, with friends, maybe neighbors - we have conversations waiting in the wings, longing to be freed from lingering over us and weighing us down. Often times challenging things happen in our lives and we are forced to take a long hard look at what is happening and what we need to do to find our peace.  Do you have a relationship that you need to heal?  Swallowing your pride for your own peace of mind isn't as hard as you might think.  Sometimes you have to do what is best for your own healing and if that means extending an olive branch to someone who hurt you, then do it.  Make today your Independence Day. Heal. Love. Laugh. Live. What will really make all the difference in your life is by doing first what you expected someone else should do.
How much are we willing to pay for things that have been done to us? At what point do you decide to stop paying for emotional invoices that should go to someone else?  Only we can answer that.   Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.  It's a gift that will keep giving all the days of your life, too.  It makes room to enjoy your life without clouding it up with negativity. Whatever has been done to you might never go away, but it can lessen it's grip around your heart and not play a lead role in your daily routine, allowing you to enjoy the simple pleasures again. You can always forgive a person without actually excusing what they did or said.

This message is inspired by  real life events.  I was deeply hurt by someone I care about - but I know it is not about me at the end of the day.  I did what I had to do for my own healing, and my own peace - and I did it with love.  I am not going to say it was easy - but it wasn't nearly as hard as you'd think.  I don't need all of the drama, hoopla and fireworks in my life.  Life is too precious.  If someone wants you in it, then embrace them and be there for them and it will be enough for them for you to just be you.  If someone doesn't want you in your life - it's okay.  Be at peace, give yourself the gift of the freedom to move on.

Cheers & Happy Independence Day - today - and any day you need it.